In 1992, Erwin O. Licher founded the fashion brand Freeman T. Porter after his natural father of the same name. Starting in April 1993, he supplied the first Freeman T. Porter models to retailers. In October 1993, Licher signed over the trademark to Rainer Geilfus, who started handling logistics for Freeman T. Porter that November. Licher himself developed and consistently delivered all Freeman T. Porter collections.

Fashion Styling Licher was founded in 1995, and Mr Licher began to put together a team of specialists. He continued to acquire all production locations personally in a diversity of countries and remained solely responsible for goods procurement, quality assurance and the brand image. Fashion Styling Licher created all the collections for Freeman T. Porter until the summer of 2004.

On August 14th, 2004, the brand HerrlicherĀ was introduced in Munich with its first collection, which was promptly delivered in the spring of 2005. Since then, Licher’s expertise and personal commitment have been dedicated to his own brand, Herrlicher.

The former offices for design and quality management proved too small, so product development, quality assurance, management, customer service and the new logistics centre were organised in larger rooms in March of 2005.
By the spring of 2006 it had already become necessary to triple the available storage space so as to meet rising logistical requirements.

Relocation; since June 2010, Fashion Styling Licher has been operating from a building that was completely redesigned in order to accommodate constantly rising storage capacity and customer service demands.

Mr Licher has established himself on fertile soil. His company is now experiencing strong growth. The brand’s attractiveness is rising and, with it, the creative power of the design team.

In June 2014, there were no less than three reasons for an unforgettable summer celebration. A second building with an additional warehouse and a splendid showroom were inaugurated, and the Herrlicher brand celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Today, the Herrlicher brand has reached a very high level in trade and has increased its popularity with consumers many times over. This status is constantly underscored by the brand’s steadily favourable sales successes.

Mr Licher will continue to transform his strategic vision into guaranteed sales by means of design efficiency, high product quality and a responsible public image.

And that’s how it should stay.